~~SuCcEsS is....~~

For each one, what is his measure of success?
The most tender steak in town?
Artistic cake decoration?
Exotic scents and sophisticated colors?
Money? Limelight? Friends?

Something is happening in this valley
To people who want success in their lives;
Having love poured all over them,
With time and money to do whatever they want to do.
How to achieving it? Ahhh...
They are learning to take a look at themselves,
Learning how to program their own lives,
Learning to listen,
Learning to process emotions,
Learning to process negatives,
Learning to be givers, not takers,
Learning that we are what we let ourselves be.

Class graduation is a shared dinner and shared joys.
Graduates are members of a very special club
With no dues and no meetings,
With a new senses of awareness
And a knowledge that any goal can be achieved.
We become what we think about
Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief,
Physicist, lecturer, engineers, doctor, chief.

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