~~NURUL makin MATANG~~

The Sun is whispering on my face,
It beckons me to look, to look,
To see the orange beauty in the sunset
and not to think it as an ending ;
The last rays of autumn that close the season.

I lost the evening in mourning and tears,
and I can never get it back,
nor do I want it.

There will never again be lost moments,
lost days or you.

When the sun comes up behind me tomorrow,
I will revel in the glory and passion of living,
and I will see things clearly once more.

I will never ever see my life as pathetic and hopeless...I will fight to gain back my glory, my success and everything that I've been longing so much to have and to do...I have clear aims for the next semester and my future life...what I want to be....what I want to do...I better start it now...because my time is so precious...I won't let it fly beyond me..I want my life fill with illusions and it is supposed to be...besides, I am physicist..

~~take care~~

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