~~fAiTH WeAtHeRs StOrMs~~

          when i am continuously being battered by the storms of life, and my very spirit  is ebbing away, then all i need to do is hang on to that gift called FAITH; that one support which will weather the does not depend on clever head but on belief: belief in the self and the strength that lies is the seed  of victory and the foundation of making the impossible possible..

        much of our action is guided by assumptions and beliefs about the way things are...powerful beliefs will provides us with a sense of certainty and are empowering...limiting beliefs can cause us to feel helpless...the key in times of unpredictable change is to develop beliefs that will give us sense of certainty..beliefs allow us to grow as a person and enable us to become more effective...what really matters is whether the beliefs that we have empower or dis empower us....
        keeping in mind that tests will come to strengthen my resolve, i trust my destiny...i know my powers and limitations, and choose my goals clearly and assuredly...

thought for reflection :
remaining open to life, with its constant adventures and opportunities to grow, is the only way to reach my full potential..

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