~~DaY In MiD~~


ngeee~~~~today i was in mid valley with akma aka che kak aka mak cik..we went there just because to watch TRON....totally SUPERB!!!!!!!AMAZING!!!!FANTASTIC!!!!!it really blew me up....i was never so excited about any movie but this one...watching the trailer make me thrill already..i keep on telling my brother that i want so much to watch this today is the day!!!!this movie is totally different with other movies that i had already watched has quick action, i mean no drama...and the GRID is totally AMAZING!!!!if i had a chance, i really want to go to the other GRID...and to not to forget, the actor is so damn HOT!!!!!very COOL!!!!and i love cool guy~~~

so, here i suggest all of us should watch this is totally worth it...

one more thing, i bought 2 books from MPH...DIARY OF A WIMPY KID : THE UGLY TRUTH by JEFF KINNEY  & 100 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE by BARTON GOLDSMITH...i really enjoy myself while reading the first book...the second book????i'm not even start to read yet...the book is totally enjoyable and really cynical...i can't wait to finish reading all the book cause i still have 2 books to read..BECOME A BETTER THINKER by DR JOHN LANGREHR & EVIL GENIUS by CATHERINE JINKS...hopefully i will finish reading all the books by the end of this month because i can't wait to buy more books...InsyaAllah...

take care!!!!!~~

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